Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Question 1

When presented a goal, I immediately think of steps that need to be taken in order to achieve the desired results

Question 2

I enjoy organizing thoughts, ideas, hopes, and dreams into a specific plan of action

Question 3

I thrive on organizing people, ideas, and resources to improve the efficiency of a ministry.

Question 4

I thrive in working, task-oriented relationships.

Question 5

I comprehend the big picture but am detail-oriented.

Question 6

I am able to convey the Gospel message to non-believers in ways that they are able to easily understand.

Question 7
I want to spend time with unbelievers so that I can share my faith.
Question 8

I find it easy to share what Jesus means to me with non-believers.

Question 9

I am sympathetic to sinners and understanding of their weaknesses.

Question 10

I experience a feeling of great joy when a person responds to Christ's invitation.

Question 11

I love to encourage others to live up to their full potential and develop in their personal ministries.

Question 12

I prefer the kind of information that has practical application.

Question 13

I am skilled in communication and want a visible response when teaching or speaking. (Indicate the degree to which you fit both criteria.

Question 14

I am an outgoing "people person," and others are attracted to my optimistic attitude.

Question 15

I enjoy being asked to share my counsel and give practical advice.

Question 16

I am aware of the Spirit's presence in my life and the lives of others.

Question 17

When I encounter times of personal crisis, my trust in God is a source of strength for others.

Question 18

My confidence in God does not waver, even if I encounter discouragement from others.

Question 19

I witness God's amazing results with calm satisfaction rather than surprise.

Question 20

I encourage others to trust in God, even in the face of adversity.

Question 21

I believe all I have comes from God and gladly respond to His blessings by giving liberally of my money and/or possessions.

Question 22

I feel strongly led to give to support and bless others or to advance a ministry or project that really makes a difference.

Question 23

I handle my finances with wisdom and frugality and like to get the best value for the money spent.

Question 24

I give by the leading of God and the Holy Spirit. I am delighted when my gift is an answer to specific prayer.

Question 25

I have a natural ability to make money and/or am content to live a simple lifestyle.

Question 26

I feel compelled to learn as much as I can about the Bible and faith.

Question 27

I study and read quite a bit in order to learn new biblical truths.

Question 28

My study of the Bible has proven helpful to others in their faith journey.

Question 29

I seem to have a natural ability to recall Scripture.

Question 30

I have helped others discern key and important facts of Scripture.

Question 31

I have the ability to help people work in unity and can deal effectively with any opposition that threatens the harmony of the group.

Question 32

When I am in a group, others will often look to me for direction.

Question 33

I am a visionary and can motivate others to accomplish the vision.

Question 34

I see the big picture and am less interested in the details.

Question 35

I can guide group members to use their individual talents and allow them the independence to accomplish their tasks.

Question 36

When I see people in need, I am moved to assist them.

Question 37

I feel an urgency to provide for the needs and comfort of those who are homeless, hungry, sick, or distressed.

Question 38
I enjoy doing kind deeds for people who cannot or will not return them.
Question 39

I am attracted to people who are hurting or in distress and easily empathize with hurting people.

Question 40

I am guided by my heart rather than my head.

Question 41

I quickly and accurately identify good and evil.

Question 42

I feel strongly called to intercessory prayer and spend much time in prayer.

Question 43

I yearn for hearers to be convicted after I've proclaimed God's word.

Question 44

I encourage repentance that produces a change of heart.

Question 45

I grieve deeply over the sins of others.

Question 46

I easily recognize practical needs and am quick to meet them. When I take tables down, work in the kitchen, or put chairs away, I feel that I have served the Lord.

Question 47

I am more interested in meeting the needs of others than my own. I feel the greatest joy in doing something that is helpful.

Question 48

I like working behind the scenes to ensure projects are successful. I prefer to follow rather than lead others or projects.

Question 49

I do not need to be in the public eye to be fulfilled.

Question 50

I generally complete tasks and usually prefer short-term projects to ongoing ones.

Question 51

I feel the need to protect those whom I disciple.

Question 52

I am able to give spiritual direction to others and am willing to take the initiative to help Christians grow in their faith.

Question 53

I feel called to look out for the spiritual welfare of a group of believers of which I am a part.

Question 54
I lead by example and know the value of investing myself in others' lives to impact the church in the future.
Question 55
I am sensitive to problems in the church that might cause disharmony.
Question 56

I love studying the Word of God and doing research.

Question 57

I love communicating the principles I learn from the Bible, and I present them in a way that others can understand.

Question 58

Others have told me that I have assisted them in learning biblical truth in a meaningful way.

Question 59

I value accuracy and get upset when Scripture is used out of context.

Question 60

I prefer using biblical illustrations over life illustrations.

Question 61

When a challenge is presented, I am usually able to identify an appropriate solution.

Question 62

People come to me for help in applying Christian faith and values to personal situations.

Question 63

When a group needs direction, I am generally asked for my opinion.

Question 64

I do not give advice until I have taken time to seek God's guidance through prayer.

Question 65

When other people have a problem, I can frequently guide them to the best biblical solution.

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