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Job description

Elizabeth Baptist Church (EBC) is seeking a highly qualified applicants for its Facilities Team. The position is located in Atlanta, Georgia just south of downtown.

Job Summary:

Manages the day-to-day operations of the security, transportation and facilities departments which includes but not limited to custodial, grounds equipment and building maintenance activities while maintaining the safe integrity of infrastructures of numerous facilities and real estate holdings; owned and/or operated by Elizabeth Baptist Church (EBC). Implementing programs to promote the efficiency of facilities management, labor, energy usage and budgetary controls.

Directs general administration, develops policies and procedures, and takes oversight of contract projects, while carrying out responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws. Furthermore, ensures required municipality compliance with applicable fire, safety and building regulatory codes. Responds to inquiries and requests for service from internal departments and ministry leaders.

Principal Responsibilities:

Ø Ensuring all facilities is maintained at the highest levels while providing a safe and comfortable environment for EBC staff, members, and the public.

Ø Provide general administration of the facilities, security, and transportation departments.

Ø Develop and oversee contracts and providers scopes and specifications for services to include but not limited to security, parking, and cleaning while working closely with the Business Administrator and Director of Finance.

Ø Provide protection of the facilities, staff, visitors, and members through implementation of OSHA compliance regulations.

Ø Implement and maintain programs for inspections of facilities and documentations of work order request (Computer Maintenance Management System) including Preventative Maintenance System (PMS) for fixed and movable equipment, building systems and EBC assets.

Ø Provide scope of work and engineer specifications as required.

Ø Administer comprehensive PMS for maintaining mechanical equipment in efficient operating condition and insuring full-service life of the equipment.

Ø Evaluate and implement the effectiveness of service contracts i.e., security, maintenance and repairs, lawn, mechanical etc. to outsourced entities.

Ø Develop new management policies and operation procedures.

Ø Oversee recruitment methods for qualified individuals for employment.

Ø Make investigation of any incidents or accidents on EBC facilities.

Ø Inspects, evaluates, and reports on possible facilities for acquisition.

Ø Plan and organize short, mid, and long-range assignments.

Ø Monitor, evaluate and guide the activities of the staff to ensure that objectives and goals are achieved.

Ø Devise annual budgets and capital assessment needs.

Specific Duties:

Ø Provide leadership qualities to promote a higher level of services while seeking to gain efficiencies in all areas.

Ø Apply knowledge and experience to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Ø Monitors the safety and accessibility of the facilities. Serves as the point of contact for the department for code (e.g., ADA, Fire Life Safety) compliance issues, accessibility improvement projects, and/or other code related issues.

Ø Trouble-shoots and responds to after-hour issues as needed regarding the security and operational aspects of the facilities such as HVAC issues, fire alarm malfunctions, electrical outages, water leaks, etc.

Ø Display the ability to manage multiple projects and assignments.

Ø Develop new policy and procedures to enhance and elevate the overall effectiveness of managing the facilities, security and transportation departments and improve operations.

Ø Inform the Business Administrator of the overall operation status through prepared status reports and a comprehensive monthly report.

Ø Works with various departments to better serve their perspective areas.

Ø Develop policies and procedures to maximize efficient utilization and scheduling of labor coordinated with maintenance and event requirements.

Ø Plan and organize short, mid and long-range assignments as it relates to events and facility infrastructure.

Ø Tabulate and evaluate cost proposals for awarding of outsource work.

Ø Conduct daily/weekly management review meeting with key personnel and participate in monthly meetings with general staff.

Ø Review climate control systems run reports to ensure that they are being operated properly and efficiently.

Ø Stay abreast of industry trends, standards, and research new application methods.

Ø Supervise multi-disciplinary teams of staff including cleaning, maintenance, grounds, security, and transportation.

Ø Performs annual employee performance appraisals reviews and administer disciplinary action when warranted.

Ø Respond to emergencies and stand-by with responders to assist and communicate status to Pastor and/or Business Administrator.

Ø Collaborate with staff members in strategic planning and resolutions.

Ø Making sure vehicles are properly maintained arranging repairs and routine maintenance.

Ø Ensuring that all drivers and operators have the correct, up to date qualifications and maintaining and completing accurate records.


Ø Apply analytical and quantitative skills in administering responsibilities.

Ø Administer proper acumen and procedures to successfully manage a portfolio of multiple facilities within state and federal compliance.

Ø Ability to demonstrate technical proficiency in the fields of electrical, engineering, plumbing, mechanical engineering, HVAC-AH, Building emergency systems and envelope systems.

Ø Write an analytical report; and produce technical specification.

Ø Operate and manage computer software tacking systems for CPS and HVAC-AH management system.

Ø Demonstrate leadership, administrative and organization skills.

Ø Be able to multi-task in a challenging fast-paced environment.

Ø Administer resolution and problem-solving ideas and methods.

Ø Envision long and short-range need assessments and preventative planning.

Ø Possess excellent public relations and communications skills.

Qualifications / Knowledge:

Expected qualifications for this position are some college or technical school post high school education. Have completed formal training in asset management, facilities management programs, or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.

Director should have a minimum of Five years of experience in Project Management, Facilities Management while managing large real estate holdings and commercial properties with proven success in directing a facilities operation, and sizable construction projects.

Ø Holds professional designations such as CPM, CMM or CFM.

Ø Possesses a current registered certification of management in construction, engineering or maintenance issued by a city state or federal government.

Ø Knowledge of typical state procurement practices, contract management and cost controls methods.

Ø Can accurately read, understand, and write engineering specification and site construction plans.

Ø Working knowledge of critical systems, i.e. fire, environmental electrical, carbon monoxide, etc. And resolve advanced problems with these systems.

Ø Understand and administer OSHA and BOCA compliance regulations.

Ø Knowledgeable in building codes and construction practices.

Ø Can implement risk controls methods and evaluate risk assessments.