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Monday, 26 February 2018 06:04

Strategic Planning for a Better Life

“Perhaps you are where you are because you haven’t planned to be somewhere different.”     

  • Dr. Craig L. Oliver, Sr.

Successful individuals capitalize on the strategic moments when preparation and opportunity intersect in order to achieve high success.  The mistake that many of us make while traversing the terrain between great ideas and successful execution is lack of preparation.  Success is not an incidental or accidental occurrence, but rather, it is the result of intentional preparation. 

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“True prayer is neither a mere exercise nor a vocal performance.  It is far deeper than that – it is a spiritual transaction with the Creator of Heaven and Earth.”

  • Charles Spurgeon

There are times within our individual contexts of life that we encounter extraordinary circumstances that require the intervention of the Good Hand of the Lord in our lives.  There are moments in life that demand influence, fortitude, or strength that exceed our capacity.  I firmly believe, however, that in these moments of our most exhaustive extremity that the conditions are perfect to engage the power wrought from fasting and praying.  More than merely going without food, fasting and prayer reflect a humbled and submitted posture of the heart as illustrated in the story of Nehemiah.      

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“High expectations are the key to everything.”      

  • Sam Walton

Last week we covered mental enslavement to the past as one of the barriers to realizing a BETTER life.  This week we will highlight another barrier that tends to be a bit more psychologically insidious.  Minimal expectations of the future can mask itself in the persona of being a “realist”.  We can identify ourselves as one who analyzes the empirical data of our situation and based on hard facts we strategically move or remain in position.  This may be true in some situations, but in many cases we will find that it is a fearful minimalistic expectation of what lies ahead that keeps us tethered to our past.  Such faulty thinking and reasoning precludes us embracing the BETTER life that lies before us. 

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“It took one day to get the Hebrews out of Egypt, but it took forty years to get Egypt out of the Hebrews.”            

  • Unknown

The beginning of a BETTER life doesn’t always originate in a context that is without challenge.  As a matter of fact it often appears that contradictory contexts seem to serve as birthing grounds for the requisite decisions that catapult us into BETTER.  Were we not forced out of our comfort zones through adversity, many of us would not have had the tenacity to reach forward to the promotion, advancement, and next level blessings that were before us.  Key to advancement in our lives was the ability to move beyond our current situation and embrace that which was before us. 

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