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A Better Life Through Strategic Connections

As human beings we were created with the innate need for connection.  There is an inherent interdependency that is wired into our DNA that makes connection essential.  It is critically important that we connect with the right people.  This is especially true for those of us who are seeking a BETTER life because those to whom we connect can either further our vision or hinder it.  Practically, the DOT has the premise in place where the requirement for riding in the HOV lane means you must have a person in the car with you.  You can’t have access to the HOV lane without another person in the car.  In some scenarios in order to have access to BETTER you must be strategically aligned with another person.  One of the main paths that we take toward a BETTER life is through our strategic connections!       


It is critically important for us to recognize the importance of surrounding ourselves with and connecting to those who are able to maximize our progress.  The wrong person can prohibit and minimize advancement.  The wrong person can distract and reroute your trajectory in a way that frustrates purpose.  The wrong person can discourage those who are truly assigned to your vision.  Right connection is key!

There are three kinds of people with whom we should be certain to connect in order to generate momentum that accelerates us toward the BETTER life that we seek.  Firstly, we should be sure to connect with people who have influence.  Secondly, we must align ourselves with people with resources and capacity to dispense provisions for our objectives.  Finally, it is important to connect with persons who are able to run with the vision.  

There are people specifically assigned to your life to help take you to the next level!  It is imperative to connect with the people who are supportive and disconnect with those who have no desire to support what you are doing.  We must learn to “Go with the Goers”! In other words connect with and invest energy in those who can encourage you as well as offer constructive criticism.  These are the people who are graced to catapult you to the next level and help you secure your win!  That is the essence of next level living!  

Remember that your BETTER life is just one strategic connection away!

Dr. Craig Oliver  

#ebcBETTER #BetterIsBeforeMe

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  • Audrey Burwell posted by Audrey Burwell Sunday, 25 March 2018 16:32

    I've always loved you pastor Oliver. You have no idea that you saved my life 6yrs ago. I was very upset when you left ion TV, I could no longer see you on Sunday mornings. Thank you ever so much for saving me and I'm very happy that I was able to find you again. I wanted to meet you, I'm on ssi so that's not possible at this time, but I'm going to keep praying that I do one day. Have a blessed day

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